Western Union Foundation Accelerator and Fellowship 2021

Western Union Foundation Accelerator and Fellowship

The Western Union  Foundation Accelerator and Fellowship is a program for young entrepreneurs and community leaders who are from and working with highly marginalized, refugee, and forcibly displaced communities around the globe. Each Fellow will receive $1,000 in seed funding to launch/grow their ventures and initiatives. The application deadline is 9th July 2021.

This year-long program is designed to equip these next-generation entrepreneurs and leaders with the skills and experience to increase access to economic opportunity, integrate into their communities, succeed in the evolving nature of work, and transform their communities.

Eligibility Criteria for Western Union Foundation Accelerator and Fellowship

This program is for next-generation high-promising entrepreneurs and community leaders who are from and working with highly marginalized, refugee, and forcibly displaced communities around the globe. Ideal applicants will join with relevant social impact and leadership experiences with proven experience of building community development projects within these communities.

To be eligible, you must be from the following countries:

Austria, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, France, Germany, India, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Uganda, United Kingdom, United States

Accelerator Format

The year-long fellowship will be delivered in a virtual format. Synchronous activities will take place between 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM Mountain Time. The time commitment for the two-week Accelerator is approximately 20-25 hours per week. This includes class time and outside-of-class work.

The time commitment for the remainder of the Fellowship, excluding leading a Basecamp, is approximately 10 hours per month. Fellows should also plan to spend 160-200 hours over 2-3 months to organize and lead a Basecamp in their community.

Benefits to Fellows

The fellowship begins with a virtual two-week intensive Accelerator that will focus on:

  • Building Community: Community is one of the pillars of the Fellowship experience. A diverse cohort of young leaders and entrepreneurs form partnerships, collaborations, and further their growth and integration as leaders in their community
  • Skill Development: Including growth mindset, courage, resilience, creativity, and leadership. Fellows will receive guidance through the process of overcoming key challenges faced during the process of becoming transformative leaders.
  • Basecamp Training: Each Fellow is trained and receives a stipend and logistical support to lead a three-day Basecamp in their home community to empower at least 30 additional entrepreneurial leaders per Fellow.

After the two week Accelerator, each fellow will join a year-long Fellowship including

  • Lead a Basecamp in their respective community. A stipend will be given for logistical and administrative costs.
  • Join a monthly All Hands on Deck meeting. This includes skill development workshops and opportunities to build community amongst the cohort
  • Receive $1,000 in Seed Funding to launch/grow their ventures and initiatives
  • Regularly attend Master Courses with the world’s leading entrepreneurs and practitioners, further strengthen their skills, and build a powerful global network.
  • Join a pod with other Fellows from their respective regions and regularly check in with each other via regular one-on-one meetings.

At the end of the fellowship, fellows will participate in a high-profile summit. This will allow them to share their progress and impact throughout the program.

How to Apply for Western Union Foundation Accelerator and Fellowship

To apply for the fellowship, visit the application page.

For information on the fellowship, visit the Western Union Foundation Accelerator and Fellowship webpage.

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