How Your Brand Can Support the #EndSARS Protest


The #EndSARS protests are catching many people and especially businesses off guard. No matter your affiliation, this affects all of us. Therefore, we need to ensure that we remain focused on this single task. As a business owner, there are many ways you can be part of this #EndSARS protest. This article will share some tips on how your brand can support the #EndSARS protest.

Beyond the challenge of capturing your message in a way that is empathetic, there is the unique challenge of responding in a manner that doesn’t threaten the continued existence of your business. I understand if you are in a fix and not sure about what you should do as a business owner. As it stands; you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. So, it is important that you pick the brand of struggle you can manage. No matter what you decide, you need to be seen as a brand that shows empathy towards the plight of people.

Focus on adding value

It is important to know that your support for the #endSARS protest should not be about your brand. This is not an opportunity to notch up your relevance but rather an opportunity to show that you really care. So, seek to add value. Look for ways you can genuinely support the protest without pushing your brand in the face of the protestors.


Show support on the social media

You may be wary of associating your brand with an anti-government protest in Nigeria. And your fear may be genuine. Some brands quite frankly can’t risk their relationships with the government. We fully understand this. However, sending out occasional messages to acknowledge the broad theme will do your brand more goods than harm. For instance, you can focus your message on the bigger picture i.e. #EndPoliceBrutality as opposed to #EndSARS. So, ensure your voice is heard. Silence is not really an option at this time.

Donate resources if you can

One other way to show support is to actually donate resources to the cause. Aside money, the protesters need other resources. These can even be the product or service that you offer. So, reach out and offer your services. Remember, your focus is to add value at this time and not necessary what you will get.

Constantly look for innovative ways to support

A powerful extension of “not being the face of the struggle” is to explore innovative ways to show support for the #endSARS protest. As a business, you can give your employees days off. or even offer to offset some of their bills during this season. This will go a long way in showing that you really care.

In Summary

No matter what you decide to do, show empathy. Show that you really care about the plights of people and not only about your business.

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