How To Grow Your Brand Using The LinkedIn Publishing Feature

How To Grow Your Brand Using The LinkedIn Publishing Feature

One way to gain traction for your business is to establish a presence and domain authority on a platform like LinkedIn. As you probably know, publishing interesting articles regularly on LinkedIn is one of the fastest ways to becoming a reference point by your customers and even other businesses.  Whether if you are a startup starting out or an existing existing brand looking to explore ways to solidify your digital footing, you can leverage the LinkedIn Publishing Tool. In the article, we will share some tips on how to grow your brand using the LinkedIn publishing feature.

Have an objective

The first step is to have an objective. Knowing what you want to achieve will help you to achieve maximum results. So, decide on what you want to achieve.

Patricia Fripps of Fripp and Associates once said, “technology does not run an enterprise. Relationships do.”

Regardless of your underlying objectives, it is important to write with the aim of creating a lasting relationship with the reader. Every other objective falls in place when this is achieved because readers are naturally drawn to engaging and educative content that reflects their interests.

Decide what to publish

Irrespective of your products or services, you can write about your failure stories and or lessons learned. Also, you can publish articles about the influential thought leaders in your industry or even how-to articles,  Aside this, you can write about things that help your customers make the best of your products or services.

Decide on the frequency

Whilst it is vital to post articles regularly, the content also matters. Forbes suggests writing one or two articles a week. Rather than concentrating on the number of times to publish an article, focus on the needs of your audience. In addition, create a content calendar and plan articles based on the frequency that works for you. This helps your audience to know when to receive a notification about your published article.

Choose an appropriate headline

Choose a headline that will grab the attention of your audience and make them want to continue reading your story. If a headline contains a benefit that your audience finds useful, they will be more inclined to read your article further. Also, note that the use of adjectives adds emotions into your headline.

Use call-to-action

Call-to-action (CTA) is used to motivate a reader or a buyer to either take an action or make a purchase. One of the advantages of having a strong CTA is to tell the reader what they should do and motivate them to do it, acting as a stepping stone between the reader and the service offered. There are several forms of CTAs. It could be getting some personal contact of your audiences, such as their phone numbers, and email address. You can use colours to make your CTA more attractive.

Use captivating images

Humans are visual beings. Sharp images move us to open an article because we find it attractive and want to know more about the article behind the image. So, use sharp and captivating images when publishing an article on Linkedin. This can help to drive traffic to your site and increases engagement on your published article.

Use hashtags

Hashtags act as keywords that help people understand the type of articles written. It helps surface articles to readers who may find it interesting enough to engage with.LinkedIn suggests hashtags to use when publishing an article. Although there are no limits on the number of hashtags you can use, discretion should be exercised in order to ensure it gets to the right audience. When used appropriately and correctly, hashtags can generate much engagement for the published article.

Don’t forget to share your post

After publishing an article on LinkedIn, it is important to promote it so as to attract a large audience. Repost your articles across social media handles more than once and generate a lot of impressions. Also, you can also add clicks to tweet links and LinkedIn sharing links within the post to enhance reader variability.

How To Use LinkedIn Publishing Tool

Now that you know how to grow your brand using LinkedIn publishing feature, it is time to start publishing your articles. The ability to publish articles is available to all members but can only be accessed from a desktop computer or mobile web on a tablet. To access this feature, do the following:

  • Log into your account
  • Click write an article located in the post-creation box in the middle of your homepage. This feature can only be seen if you have access to the LinkedIn publishing tool which is can only be accessed from a desktop computer or mobile web on a tablet.
  • Then, write or paste your article
  • Click on publish.

When used properly, LinkedIn publishing tool can help any business achieve its set objectives. While it is not an end in itself, it could be a means to an end. Applying the tips mentioned in this articcle will grow your brand awareness considerably.

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