Congratulations to the 2024 YC Top Companies!

We’re excited to announce the 2024 YC Top Companies list!

This list features the YC alumni with the highest revenue in 2023 (sorted alphabetically, as revenue is confidential for most startups).

Revenue is the clearest indicator of a startup’s success, and we’re excited to see so many different types of companies represented.

Separately, we have updated our list of currently public YC companies, and YC companies with an exit of over $150M.

Stats about the 2024 Top Companies list:

  • The total revenue generated by these companies in 2023 is $57.2B.
  • The companies on this list are collectively valued at $458B.

  • Sectors represented:
    • B2B software and services (52%)
    • Consumer (23%)
    • Financial technology and services (19%)
    • Healthcare (2%)
    • Bio and industrials (2%)
    • Real estate and construction (2%)

  • 13 companies (27%) on the list have had an exit, 11 are publicly traded.
  • Together, these companies employ over 80k people.
  • Over 50% are headquartered in the Bay Area.
  • The vast majority of these companies (over 90%) were founded by 2 or more co-founders.
  • Reddit (YC S05) is the oldest company on the list, and Zepto (YC W21) is the youngest company on the list.
  • The S12 batch is the best represented, with 5 companies on the list: Benchling, Coinbase, Instacart, SmartAsset and Zapier

  • The companies that are new to the Top Revenue list this year:
    • Clipboard Health – Connects healthcare facilities with nurses nearby
    • Honeylove – Innovative shapewear
    • Meesho – Democratizing internet commerce in India
    • Odeko – Operations software for running and growing your cafe
    • Podium – Lead management and communication platform
    • Razorpay – India’s full-stack financial solution for businesses
    • Zepto – 10-minute grocery delivery in India

Congrats to the founders who are making something people want.

A note about the list:

  • The featured companies all generated above a certain threshold of revenue in 2023.
  • The companies opted-in to being featured, so this isn’t 100% reflective of all the YC startups that hit the threshold.

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