8 Project Management Podcasts You Need As An Entrepreneur

As a business, you need to constantly develop yourself. And this requires learning and learning about things that can help you successfully manage your business. One way to do this is to listen to podcast. I am a fan of podcast and this is because it allows me to learn while doing other things. No matter what you want to learn, there is a podcast for it. This article will focus on 8 Project Management podcasts you need as an entrepreneur.

There are many compelling reasons business owners seek project management services. Irrespective of your business size, you can benefit a great deal in project management. All you need is to learn a few basic principles and see how you can apply them to your venture.

You will find below 8 project management podcasts you need as an entrepreneur.

5 Minutes Project Management Podcast

The 5 Minutes Project Management Podcast aims to tackle project management’s critical issues. The show’s host, Ricardo Vargas, slices up topics in question formats that focus on news and central themes in the project management field. This allows for practical and convenient listening. If you wish to  “snack” on information 5 minutes at a time and squeeze learning on a busy day, this podcast is for you.

The Lazy Project Manager Podcast

In this podcast, Peter Taylor brings you unprecedented project management ideas and concepts through this podcast. This podcast is a breath of fresh air in an industry that is thought to be rigorous, stressful, and fast-paced.


Project Management Office Hours Podcast

The Project Management Office Hours podcast brings together leaders in the industry to discuss and talk about emerging trends, topics, and share insights. Moreover, this podcast  is an excellent resource for entrepreneurs seeking information about project management. Hosted by Joe Pusz, the podcast educates listeners on the value of professional project management. In addition, it elevates the understanding of listeners on each subject matter at the same time.

The Project Management Podcast

The Project Management Podcast looks at acceptable practices and new trends in the field. It is a great podcast to learn about what skills are needed to be developed to stay sharp as a project manager. This is perfect for entrepreneurs who are looking to lead their business’ growth.

Project Management Happy Hour Podcast

If you are looking for a podcast that gives it to you straight, then the Project Management Happy Hour podcast should be on your list. In this podcast, you will hear frank and straightforward discussions that are usually confronted by project managers. Also, the podcast doesn’t lack humor and banter.

Time Limit Podcast

Time Limit podcast helps business owners, entrepreneurs, and project managers, stay in control and keep things running smoothly. It is a good source of tips to help you to manage your resources better. You will get tips and recommendations from an array of industry experts that are featured in each podcast episode.


People And Projects Podcast

The People and Projects Podcast is a great podcast if you are trying to absorb top-level knowledge in project management. In this podcast, you will always have something new to learn. The guests are mostly successful project managers themselves.

Manage This Podcast

Manage This is where you will find deep-dive discussions about what is essential for project managers. The podcast features subject matter experts to weigh in on the discussion and provide a different perspective. Listening to the podcast will help you understand exciting concepts and ideas related to project management.

Finally, with so much information on the internet today, learning about business leaders’ project management has become very accessible. You only need to know where to look, and you will find the right information for your constant learning needs.

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