YouTube Calls On Artists To Apply For Its Black Voices Fund

YouTube Unveils Series Focused On Amplifying Black Voices

YouTube calls on artists to apply for its Black Voices Fund programme. The news follows the announcement of the $100 million global fund, which the video-sharing platform launched in June.

What is #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund?

#YouTubeBlack Voices Fund forms part of the company’s effort to amplify and develop the voices of black creators and artists and their stories around the world. Youtube creates the fund to help amplify fresh narratives and content that emphasises the intellectual power, passion and joy of this brilliant community, including Black economic equity and wellbeing, e #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund. Through the fund, YouTube will acquire and produce original programmes that explore the experiences of black people.

Application Deadline

Interested artists and creators can apply for funding here. The application deadline is 21 October 2020.

Application Details and Requirements

You will find below the application details and requirements for the program.

  • As an artists, you may choose to submit your application information on the fund page. This includes racial identity information. After this, the artists will be considered for grants and other programmes related to the fund. Please note that participation is voluntary.
  • If an artist chooses to provide his or her information, Google LLC wil use it to determine their eligibility for a grant. If they select your application, they will use it to administer grants from the fund.
  • Artists may also choose to allow YouTube to contact them about programmes and grants related to the fund. This also includes publicizing their participation in the fund through related programmes, events, promotions and campaigns. However, you they do not need to do so as this does not affect your grant application.
  • If an applicant chooses to provide application data, Google LLC will control it subject to the Google Privacy Policy.
  • YouTube will keep the application information that an artist provides for no longer than three months from the date of collection. This will change if an artist receives funding or choose to hear more about various programmes related to the fund. In this case, Google LLC will retain the date for as long as necessary to the artist’s participation.
  • Applicants may contact YouTube at: at any time to withdraw their consent, or to access, change or delete their information. They can also contact Google’s data protection officer via this page.
  • By filling out the information, applicants confirm that they are authorised to contract under the laws of their jurisdiction. They also confirm that they are the creator or artist and the owner of any channel(s) listed or otherwise have authority to respond on behalf of that creator or artist.

For more information on this program, visit the #YoutubeBlack Voices Fund page.

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