6 Movies To Watch On Netflix This Weekend

Stuck In Love movie

We are back today with our top movies to watch on Netflix this weekend. If you missed last week’s recommendation, you can still check it out.  You will surely find some of them interesting. If you are a new visitor to our blog, today is our movies recommendation day. Be sure to come back every Friday to check out our new article on movies to watch on Netflix. Today, we will share 6 movies to watch on Netflix this weekend.

Stuck  In  Love

If you are a lover of romantic movies,  Stuck In Love should be on your list this weekend.  This beautifully intertwined love story shows the ups and downs of a father, his ex-wife, and their children experiencing love. In this movie, Bill Borgens is desolate since his wife left him for another man. As he struggles to raise his teenage children, they all try to comprehend the complexities of love together. The film weaves the love stories of these different generations seamlessly and leaves you caring deeply about the characters.

Phantom Thread

This is a movie about a fashion designer who is drawn to a waitress. The waitress becomes his model, muse and lover. With time, their relationship grows in intensity — and strangeness. You will see a flawless Daniel Day‑Lewis stars in this thought-provoking romance. One thing you should expect is that the movie will keep you guessing till the end. Moreover, expect to see stunning dresses, beautiful country-side sequences, and an all-around gorgeous aesthetic experience.

The Disaster Artist

The Disaster Artist is a movie about aspiring actor Greg who moves to Los Angeles with his strange friend Tommy. He then agrees to star in his movie. Things start weird and get a lot weirder. This hilarious and smart comedy is almost impossible to hate. The movie is better approached without any preconceived ideas. It follows the true events surrounding Tommy Wiseau’s making of The Room. Tommy’s character, played by Franco, is 100% mystery.  Capitalizing on this, the movie is both absolutely hilarious and intriguing from beginning to end.

The Guilty

The Guilty is a movie about an alarm dispatcher and former police officer Asger Holm who answers an emergency call from a kidnapped woman. When the call is suddenly disconnected, the search for the woman and her kidnapper begins.. If you are only going to watch only one movie from our “6 movies to watch on Netflix this weekend” list, this is it. The suspense in it grows in such an incremental way that you will be out of breath before you know what happened. The alarm dispatcher receives a call that turns his night around and puts him in front of very important questions on his ethics and how far he can go to help the people that call him. I recommend that you see the movie for yourself and let us know what you think.

Wind River

Phenomenal and heartbreaking, Wind River is a true masterpiece by Taylor Sheridan. It is a movie about a tracker with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service who assists a rookie FBI agent who’s investigating a teen girl’s murder on a remote Wyoming reservation.. In a Native American Reservation, a local girl is found dead and a young detective tries to uncover the mystery. She is accompanied by a tracker with his own dark history in the community. Don’t expect an incredibly fast-paced story from the get-go. However, when everything unfolds, it is not only action-packed, its reflections on indigenous communities are deep and poignant.


Capernaum is a movie about a 12-year-old boy sues his negligent parents for bringing him into a life of misery. In this Oscar-nominated masterpiece, kid leaves his negligent parents and tries to make it in the streets on his own. It is a tale of grinding poverty as experienced by a boy with a good heart and more resilience than one can fathom. This movie asks some hard questions about parental failures and parental love with the bigger regional political questions hovering silently in the background. Tough but ultimately uplifting, this is surely a movie to watch.

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