Why People Don’t Answer Your Call

why people do not answer your call

I am sure you have tried to each your friends and family members and they just don’t answer your call. You keep wondering why the people don’t pick your call even when the message you are trying to pass across is urgent. You don’t need to wonder any longer.

Some reasons people don’t answer your call.
  • The phone battery was dead
  • I was busy at work
  • I was with my boss
  • I was driving
  • My ringer was off
  • I was on another line
  • I was studying
  • I was eating
  • I was on a date
  • I was in a meeting
  • I was praying
  • I was with a friend and didn’t hear my ringer
  • I was in a training
  • I was riding on the motorcycle and couldn’t hear
  • My phone fell under my seat in the car and I couldn’t reach it
  • I was tired and didn’t want to talk to anyone

All these are good reasons why people don’t answer your call but can never beat the reason shown in the video below.

What are you waiting for? Watch the video for yourself and be the judge.

Why some of these reasons are legitimate, important phone calls are now being missed frequently. Many have missed at least a couple of appointments simply because they were not available to pick their phone at the time.