5 Nollywood Movies on Prime Video

Nollywood Movies on Prime Video

The weekend is here again. Yes, “Thank God It’s Friday (TGIF)”.  If you are like me, you are already looking forward to this week. Weekend is a time I use to unwind and prepare for the following week. And one of the things on my list every weekend is to watch movies.  As you prepare for the weekend, check out our previous articles on movies you can watch. This article shows 5 Nollywood Movies on Prime Video.

If you have an Amazon prime account, you should be able to access the Prime Video account on your TV or laptop.  However, if you don’t have an account yet, you can easily sign up for one. Aside the Prime membership subscription, you may need to rent some of the movies. So, sit tight and check out the 5 Nollywood (Nigerian) Movies on Prime Video I recommend to watch this weekend.

1. Half of a Yellow Sun

Half of a Yellow Sun is in an epic love story. Based upon the acclaimed novel, Academy Award-nominee Chiwetel Ejiofor stars in this beautiful sweeping story of two sisters caught up in the events of the Nigerian Civil War. The event ended in chilling violence which shocked the entire world. Sisters Olanna and Kainene return home to 1960s Nigeria, where they soon diverge on different paths.

As civil war breaks out, political events loom larger than their differences as they join the fight to establish an independent republic. Olanna and Kainene are glamorous twins, living a privileged city life in newly independent 1960s Nigeria. The two women make very different choices of lovers, but rivalry and betrayal must be set aside as their lives are swept up in the turbulence of war.

2. 93 Days

Steve Gukas‘s 93 Days is a blockbuster Nollywood movie that portrays the Nigeria’s excellence. This is one of my favorite Nollywood Movies on Prime Video. This Nigerian movie looks back at with pride at how Nigeria prevented the outbreak of the Ebola disease. The film documents the triumph against Ebola and salutes the heroes of that battle. The movie is not great because of what it stands for, but how well it told that story. It was beautifully shot and well-acted with lead Bimbo Akintola delivering an excellent performance.

Blood & Oil is based on true events; the violent havoc that ensued between the militants and government. The violence was due to the oil corporations’ greed, which had a ripple effect throughout the global oil industry. Commercial-grade oil was discovered in the small village of Oloibiri, Nigeria. Two decades after the last drops were drilled and the US oil companies abandoned them, all the village was left with was polluted water, sick children, and an unstable economy. When a new multinational corporation strikes oil again, rage intensifies and Nigerian militants seek revenge on the greedy foreigners.

4. Light in the Dark

This drama explores tribalism and trauma as it follows a young couple on the brink of divorce after a gang attacks them, and forces the husband to decide who gets to be raped, his wife or daughter? This Romance thriller stars Rita Dominic, Joke Silva, Kalu Ikeagwu, and Saidi Balogun. The terrifying home invasion shatters a couple’s happy family life and brings their marriage to the brink. This thriller, “Light in Darkness” tells the story of how far two people are willing to go to keep their marriage together. It also touches slightly on inter-tribal marriages and the betrayal of friendship.

5. Three Thieves

Three Thieves follows three frustrated friends as they face the unforeseen complications that come with taking a seemingly low-risk, high-paying job. You will see how three young men get mixed up in a seemingly low-risk, high-profit theft job. As things unfold, they add kidnapping to the list of crimes they are committing. With a comedic twist to it all, it’s a wonder how they end up as heroes of the day.

Which of the 5 movies do you like the most? Please share your thought.

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