YC’s Fall Tour 2021

YC’s Fall Tour 2021

We are excited to kick off our virtual Fall Tour, and below is a list of the cities and schools we are visiting. We’ll host talks with YC partners and alumni who’ve built successful companies in different regions and verticals. They’ll talk about how they got started, the misconceptions that exist around starting startups, and they’ll answer questions from founders and future founders in the audience.

If you are starting a startup or have questions about YC, we want to meet you. About 50% of the companies we fund now are international, and we are excited to meet talented founders from all over the world.

You can still apply for YC Winter 2022.


September 7 – India: Y Combinator @ IIT Bombay

September 10 – Indonesia & Singapore: Y Combinator @ Payfazz & Xfers

September 13 – United States: Y Combinator @ UC Berkeley

September 13 – United States: Y Combinator @ Duke

September 14 – United States: Y Combinator @ MIT

September 16 – Spain: Y Combinator @ Lanzadera

September 20 – France: Y Combinator @ Station F

September 20 – United States: Y Combinator @ Stanford

September 21 – United States: Y Combinator @ Princeton

September 22 – United States: Y Combinator @ Georgia Tech

September 23 – United States: Y Combinator @ Carnegie Mellon

September 27 – United States: Y Combinator @ University of Michigan

September 29 – United States: Y Combinator @ Dartmouth

September 30 – Colombia: Y Combinator @ Platzi

October 10 – Canada: Y Combinator @ University of Toronto

October 12 – India: Y Combinator @ IIT Delhi

We’ll be adding cities and universities to this list, so keep an eye on our blog and social media for updates.

Coming Up: Russia, Georgia, Harvard, Oxford, Howard, University of Washington, Cornell, California Institute of Technology and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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