Useful Resources For Starting A Business in Canada

Resouces For Starting a Business

Starting a business is a lot of work. So, starting a business without access to useful resources may put you at a disadvantage. We will be using this post to highlight useful resources for starting a business. You may need to bookmark this in case you need to come back to it as often as required. These are relevant resources for your personal and business journey.

Starting A Business In Canada?

If you are looking to start a business in Canada, Canada  Business portal is your number 1 resource page. It should be on your bookmark. On this page, you will find the following information among others.

  • Starting a business: You will find the steps you need to consider before operating a business in Canada.
  • Federal corporations: This gives you information on incorporating and also on making changes to a business corporation, not-for-profit, cooperative or board of trade.
  • Protecting your business: If you are looking for resources on emergency planning, risk management, insurance, legal issues and more, you will find them here
  • Business grants and financing: One constant question on the mind of potential business owner is how to fund the business. In this section of the website, you will get information on grants, loans, private and public sector financing and how you can leverage personal assets.
  • Hiring and managing employees: You will find resources on payroll, wages and other resources for recruiting, training and managing employees on this section of the website.


Useful Websites

If you can’t find what you are looking for on Canada Business Portal, check out the business websites listed below. However, note that these resources are biased towards the Canada Market.

Tools and Resources For Starting a Business In Any Country

Depending on the stage of your business, the resources below will come handy. Our plan is to make this the go-to page for everything elating to starting a business. So, we will keep updating this page.

  1. Starting A Business
    1. Tools to Start:
    2. Tools To Understand Customers:
    3. Launching on ProductHunt:
    4. Design Tools:
    5. Google for Startups:
    6. Microsoft for Startups:
    7. Online Business Tools
  2. Sales and Marketing
    1. Facebook marketing:
    2. Facebook Marketing:
    3. Growing Personal Brand:
    4. Marketing Tools:
    5. Marketing Courses:
    6. Top CRM software for business:
    7. Social media tools
  3. Business Growth
    1. Grow with Google:
    2. Startup = Growth:
    3. Lessons Learnt From Scaling Airbnb:
    4. Growth Guide:
    5. Focus on Growth:
  4. Product Development and Management
    1. Design Sprint with Google:
    2. Building and Leading Product Team:
    3. Product Management Tools
  5. Talent Management
    1. Hiring and retaining great talents:
  6. Training and Skills Acquisition:
    1. Microsoft AI school:
    2. Online Schools: Class Central
    3. Online Schools: Different courses FreeCodeCamp
    4. Learn to code:
  7. Developer Resources:
    1. Facebook:
    2. Google:
  8. Cloud Hosting:
    1. Google:
    2. Amazon AWS Activate:
    3. Microsoft Azure:

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