The YC Founder Directory (+ New Company Content)

The YC community is approaching 10,000 founders. Looking at this powerful network, we see people from all different backgrounds – each with a unique journey to entrepreneurship. Today, we are releasing a public YC Founder Directory, a companion to the YC Startup Directory. For prospective founders who are looking for inspiring leaders, here is a way to discover founders who have had experiences that reflect your own and learn more about their founder journey.

On the YC Founder Directory, you can use filters to discover founders who attended your university, worked at the same company, and are building (or built) a company in your region. You can also generate lists of YC founders by their role or the industry of their YC company.

On the YC Startup Directory, there are new questions for every YC founder about why they chose their startup idea, their company’s origin story, and the future of their startup. The answers are still coming in and provide interesting insight into their path to becoming founders.

We’re also enabling any YC company to opt into having their YC application video, written application answers, and Demo Day video public on the YC Startup Directory. Click into a company’s page to watch how the founders pitched their startup to group partners, like Gitlab and Webflow.

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